Frequently Asked Questions

What is API for shipment tracking service?

API (Application Programming Interface) for shipments tracking service is an application programming interface, which allows the information systems of the senders to receive tracking information on their registered postal items.


The service operates in request-response mode and supports two types of access:


- Single access allows you to receive information on single parcel in the request. Limited access up to 100 requests per day is available to every registered user; unlimited access is available only to those who signed a contract with Russian Post and are sending parcels, letters or EMS shipments according to the contract. 

- Remote Batch Access supports queries, each of which may contain up to 3000 tracking numbers. This service is available only to the clients as per contract. 


If you do not use API and you only need to track one or more parcels, you should better use the main site of Russian Post or mobile application of Russian Post.